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Alexandra Georgas: Blog

Check out my new video - talking about my own story and how chemical imbalances are involved in schizophrenia.

Check out my new video - I tell another cute story about my family and share some evidence about prenatal influencers in schizophrenia.

Posted another video onto YouTube. In this one I share a little of Mom's cute perspective and on brain structure differences of some people with schizophrenia. Hope you enjoy it.

I spoke to legislators at the Illinois Capital in Springfield yesterday, asking them to continue funding Supportive Housing. My sweet Mama had to live in a nursing home from when she was only 47 until she passed away last year - 34 years later. Part of the reason she was in a nursing home was that there were not good supportive housing options for her when she needed them as a younger woman. I'm very glad she had a nursing home to live in, but Mom wanted to contribute by working and since she was stabilized because she was medication compliant, she could have worked. But the nursing home would not let her, reducing her quality of life. Supportive housing is a better solution for a young person with a mental illness disability like my mom was.

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