For some artists, their lives are truly a saga. Alexandra’s journey through life has been filled with moments that in retrospect have been the fodder for her songs and storytelling. An evening with Alexandra will take you through a whirlwind of emotions. From the very intimate experience of loved one’s in crisis to songs of joyful celebration, Alexandra weaves her way into your heart. It is this accessibility that makes her concerts. talks and performances so endearing. Her ability to touch her deepest thoughts and feelings and put them to words and music make an evening with Alexandra a moving experience for everyone. From those early years of acting out for parents and relatives, to larger stages and even larger crowds, Alexandra knew she was destined to work out her life on stage. This realization was not driven by pride or the desire to get attention, although it was clear from childhood she loved an audience. This need to share her story has much more to do with her hope that people will find joy, get connected with deep inner cries of the heart, and ultimately find peace of heart and mind. The connection between Alexandra’s creativity and her life are seamless. All of life sings out in her songs of celebration, and her silly songs, her emotional stories, and her love songs all come from the same place. That place is her desire to give love and healing through her art. She feels compelled to share her heart with others in its multicolored textures, in its delightful moments of childlike wonder, and in those humbling moments of coming face to face and heart to heart even with God. This indeed is a evening with Alexandra. It is an adventure through the ups and downs of daily life chronicled in such a way that everyone can see themselves inside her stories. After years of commitment to musical study and spiritual growth, an evening with Alexandra goes beyond mere performance. She shares her life as an invitation to God’s mercy and grace. It is this childlike faith, this accessibility to her heart, and the unrelenting desire to give it all away that makes an encounter with Alexandra and her music so memorable. Listen to her story, laugh at her humor and light-heartedness and come away with a powerful sense of God’s handiwork and love.