New Book! 

I'm happy to share that I have published my second book, A Computer Geek Speaks, Unusual and interesting stories from my career as a woman in technology. It tells of humorous and surprising escapades of my life, including tales of mistakes I have made, interesting people I have encountered, unexpected adventures, love interests, and all I have learned through my journey. To purchase a copy, email It should be available on in about 4 weeks.

Radio Interview 5/23 10 am 

Wednesday, May 23 from 10-11 you can hear me being interviewed on the NAMI Radio Hour, hosted by NAMI Tennessee at: NAMI Radio Hour on WRFN-LP 103.7 & 107.1 FM in Nashville and online at: . Check out the info on the NAMI Tennessee web site:

Praise from Readers 

I received several hand-written notes of thanks from some readers recently. Here's what they had to say “Thank you for sharing your journey with your dear mother in the form of your book. I cannot tell you how blessed I was. I hated to see it come to an end. The love showed through so brightly. What an encouragement to each of us readers to always love.” – Marge VanderKlok “This was a wonderfully written book! Such love and compassion in spite of the challenges she faced because of her mom.” - a…

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Father's Fan Mail 

I just received this wonderful email from Father Malamis of the Ascension of our Lord Greek Orthodox Church in Lincolshire. He beautifully officiated my father's funeral in 2014. Here's his kind letter Dear Alexandra I wish to thank you for gifting me your book Mom & Me: My Journey with Mom's Schizophrenia.  I just finished reading it and I felt compelled to write you to express how I was inspired by your story in dealing with your Mom's illness.  Your faith and hopeful outlook is something that…

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Wow, More Endorsements 

More book endorsements came in. Feeling pretty amazed and happy to be part of this movement to reduce stigma and increase aid to those who are sick with mental illnesses and their loved ones. Here we go Endorsements - “The author has embraced the healing power of personal narrative to frame and integrate her experiences living with a mother with schizophrenia. She describes the good times and the bad, underscores the importance of advocacy, and provides evidence of the positive impact of…

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More Book Endorsements 

Got another endorsement for my book. This one is from Dr. David J. Castle, Chair of Psychiatry, St. Vincent's Hospital, The University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia "It is a mark against us as a society that schizophrenia remains such a stigmatised malady. Many countries around the world have closed down large mental hospitals and people with schizophrenia are now largely living in the community. Yet many remain with a feeling of lack of engagement with society and much of that feeling mirrors…

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Book Endorsement 

I am working on getting endorsements for my book. Got one from Dr. Mary V. Seeman OC MDCM Professor Emerita Dept. of Psychiatry University of Toronto She wrote, "This is a story of a girl growing up with a mother who gradually develops a serious mental illness, schizophrenia, and who becomes impossible to live with. First impossible, and then a heavy emotional burden. In the end, it is a story of hope. Alexandra Georgas is witness to the possibilities that human beings have of healing the persons…

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I'm back! 

Lots has happened since I last wrote. My dear husband passed away in June of 2012. He had colon cancer and fought hard and bravely for nearly 7 years Two years ago this month I met a new beautiful man and last June we married. I went through the depths of sadness to the heights of joy I did stop doing gigs but started a new creative endeavor - I wrote a book and it will be published in August of this year. It's called "Mom and Me: My Journey with Mom's Schizophrenia". It is a biography of what…

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Update on Me 

This has been a very different year for me. For the first time in 14 years of performing in coffeehouses and restaurants, I have not had a strong urge to do these gigs. Really weird. So, I haven't been! But I have taken up photography, and right now you can see my stuff at Great American Bagel on Ogden Avenue in Westmont. It will be there until the end of October. Next month I am doing one little gig for my church on November 21, but that's it My husband has had cancer for nearly 5 years now,…

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Where I Am 

Hello friend, Well, I am taking another one of my breaks from performing. My husbands cancer showed up again in October and he's on chemo now. Seems I don't have a lot of energy for performing right now, and just want a break. But, I'm writing a lot of new stuff, so once I get back out, it should be a pretty fresh performance. Hope you are staying warm and loving much. -Alexandra