Three Great Books to Read (besides mine)

I am reading everything I can find on Schizophrenia.  The following three books are my favorites - great info, easy to read, and helped me a lot in my own journey.

1. Clinical Handbook of Schizophrenia

This is the bible of Schizophrenia, but written so anyone can understand. Each chapter is written by different experts across the world and they cover everything you'd ever want to know about the illness.  It's worth the price and you won't be the same after reading it.  It changed me and I quote this book a lot in my book.


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2. Growing Up with a Schizophrenic Mother, by Margaret J. Brown and Doris Parker Roberts

This book is amazing.  You will learn about how having a mom with the illness affects the kids.  I learned things I never knew, and how I was affected even more than I realized.  It has helped me know where the root is on some of my growth areas and how to better heal.


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3. Diagnosis Schizophrenia

This book is written for a person with the diagnosis, and it is terrific.  But it also helped me - I learned more about what is was like for my mom to experience this disease, and so I have better insight into her.


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