More Book Endorsements

Got another endorsement for my book. This one is from Dr. David J. Castle, Chair of Psychiatry, St. Vincent's Hospital, The University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia: "It is a mark against us as a society that schizophrenia remains such a stigmatised malady. Many countries around the world have closed down large mental hospitals and people with schizophrenia are now largely living in the community. Yet many remain with a feeling of lack of engagement with society and much of that feeling mirrors stigmatised views about schizophrenia. Sadly, it is also the case that family members, whilst having to deal with what can be a difficult journey and illness in their loved one, also feel that lack of societal inclusion. Thus, anyone brave enough to tell their story as a family member of someone with schizophrenia, is to be commended. I hope this book, a true life story, will be a rich and rewarding read and will help people understand the person apart from the illness and also appreciate the way it touches family members."

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