New Podcast! 

I am excited to announce that I have created a new Podcast series called Loving Susan: Support for those who love someone with a mental illness.    The goal of this series is to provide helpful ideas and inspiration for people who love someone who has a mental illness such as depression, bipolar, anxiety disorder, borderline personality disorder, schizoaffective disorder, ptsd, obsessive compulsive disorder, or schizophrenia.  Below are the first few episode topics which will be released once a week.  If you love someone with a mental illness and would like some inspiration and support, check it out.  Search for “Loving Susan” on apple podcasts to subscribe. Check out the link below.

Good blessings to you. 

Alexandra (aka Sandy) Georgas 

Loving Susan – first 4 episode topics 

Week 1 – My journey with my mom who had schizophrenia 

Week 2 – What causes mental illness? 

Week 3 – What if my loved one won’t take medication? 

Week 4 - How to best communicate with your loved one

Week 5 - Enjoying my loved one as they are