Wow, More Endorsements

More book endorsements came in. Feeling pretty amazed and happy to be part of this movement to reduce stigma and increase aid to those who are sick with mental illnesses and their loved ones. Here we go.... Endorsements - “The author has embraced the healing power of personal narrative to frame and integrate her experiences living with a mother with schizophrenia. She describes the good times and the bad, underscores the importance of advocacy, and provides evidence of the positive impact of spirituality in her life. Through her journey, she learned a great deal about her mother and even more about herself.” Joanne Nicholson, Ph.D. Professor of Psychiatry The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth Lebanon, New Hampshire “At Thresholds we know how invaluable a family member support system can be in creating recovery for persons experiencing mental illnesses. It’s difficult to share the story of how mental illness has touched your family, so I applaud each person like Alexandra who bravely does so." Mark Ishaug, CEO, Thresholds "Mom and Me" is a treasure of a book for so many reasons. In chronicling life with her mentally ill mother, Alexandra Georgas provides a vivid portrait, rich in everyday details, of the devastating impact of schizophrenia on families and society. The author also illustrates the role of a vibrant faith in dealing with personal tragedy. Further, she provides hope for individuals and families who struggle with serious mental illness. I read this captivating story in one sitting. I highly recommend this gem of a book to anyone affected by serious mental illness, which is pretty much all of us. Robert J. Gregory Professor Emeritus of Psychology Wheaton College, Illinois “This book will surely help others with their struggle to have a healthy relationship with a loved one who is incapable of having a healthy relationship.” Steve Eisenberg, MS, LCPC With care, candor, and humor, Sandy tells the extraordinary story of growing up with her mom, a beautiful woman who struggles with the illness of schizophrenia. Sandy interweaves poems, songs, and diary entries from her younger years with insights gained as an adult to create a deeply meaningful story. Her book has the power to foster empathy among those unfamiliar with schizophrenia and strength in those who have a loved one with mental illness. It raises awareness not only of the needs of the mentally ill, and our shared social responsibility to care for them well, but also of the needs of their families. Superbly intelligent, Alexandra writes in a simple style that most readers will understand easily, in tones rich with generosity, humility, faith, and forgiveness, but most of all, with a clear emphasis on the transformative power of love to bring healing. Her life-story is a gift. ~ Jane Beal, PhD Associate Researcher in English University of California, Davis "Oftentimes individuals with a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia alienate family members leading them to living a lonely life with minimal to no family involvement. This is a story of the unconditional love a daughter has for her mother who is dealing with the debilitating symptoms of schizophrenia. Alexandra Georgas shares her inspiring journey on the road to acceptance and a happy relationship with her mom". Catherine Cox MSW LCSW

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